Oakley Sunglasses! A Global Brand That Defines The True Meaning Of "Vision"


    It's amazing that it has been 30 years since the Oakley name has been introduced, and that this incredible brand of Oakley products originated from a man that started off with a line of motocross goggles back in 1980!

    Oakley's reputation has grown since then to be the industry leader in the manufacturing of high-quality sunglassproducts. Their successful journey started with their first high-performance line of Eyeshades®, and branched off into numerous options of sunglasses including M Frames®, Zeros®, E Wires®, A Wires®, Eye Jackets®, Moons®, the X-Metal®, series Mars®, Romeo®, Juliet®, and the introduction of the eyewear called OVERTHETOP®!

    The Oakley product line has since grown including prescription eyewear line, Oakley watches, Oakley clothing, footwear, and a wide range of accessories that will be touched on in another article.

    Top Oakley Frames Are Designed For Purpose!

    Oakley frame options are extremely extensive, so I won't go into the features of every frame and lens they offer. What I have done though, is listed some of their top designs, and I will go into detail on how they will benefit you.

    The M Frame® is ultra-lightweight and extremely comfortable, but don't let this fool you into believing that they will not stand up to extensive abuse. These glasses exceed ANSI Industrial standards for high mass, and high-velocity impact protection!

    All the lenses are constructed of pure Plutonite®, which blocks 100% of all the UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light, offering incredible clarity at the highest level, and the lens options are removable and interchangeable to adapt to a variety of light conditions. The M Frame with hinges for a customized fit, and the Pro M Frame with a hingless design with subtle pressure and flexibility for a secure fit, also come with optional RX implants that are custom grounded to give you optimum corrective prescription optics.

    Other frames to consider for the extreme water-sport buff is the Oakley lines including the Oakley Water Jacket® with glare reduction, and vented lenses that combat against all elements on the water. This lens has a formulated hydrophobic coating that prevents water droplet build-up. These are great for athletes that like to play hard in the liquid playground!

    Oakley design! It Doesn't Hurt To Have The Best Protection Make You Look Great

    If style and your fashion presence are important to you, but you don't want to compromise your vision safety, Oakley protection has you in mind! They know that how you look and feel is truly the reason why they produced the complete line of Oakley wires, and X Metal frames.

    Wire Frames: There are approximately fifteen styles existing, including the hatchet wire, crosshair, and whisker, along with many other wire frame sunglasses. Depending on what style you choose, you will quickly notice the unique wired frame styles, and quality features ranging from the patented hydrophilic Unobtainium® earsocks to ensure a snug, secure fit, the XYZ Optics® for maximized clarity at all angles of vision, the Plutonite® lens material for 100% UV protection, Polarized lenses, and optional Iridium® coating to reflect glare and heighten contrast. What this means for you is that these particular sun glasses not only have a fantastic fashion look, but also will provide you with the best eye care protection from all the bad elements on this planet!

    With Oakley making a presence in well over 100 countries around the world, and now with Oakley online giving access to millions of people via the internet, their growing message is that they would like to be recognized as the innovators of reinventing the concept of eyewear. Their passion that ignited the optical industry has provided their vision to become not only the best optical product providers, but also the leader in quality fashion, and an exciting line of accessories!


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