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    Louis Vuitton is a name recognized throughout the world. Known for their fabulous design and quality product. One must ask how did Louis Vuitton handbags come to be?

    In the early 1800s Louis Vuitton trained as a luggage packer for a wealthy Parisian family. He was then appointed by Napoleon III to pack the dresses of the Empress Eugenie. Little did he know this would be the start of his rise to fame.

    Because of his extensive luggage knowledge, Louis Vuitton began designing luggage for the wealthy who traveled. His first invention was to design luggage that was flat and therefore easy to stack in railway carriages.

    It gained popularity at lightening speed. It didn't take long before his competition was copying his design. Soon after Louis Vuitton marked his luggage with distinctive stripes and checkerboard patterns.

    In 1854 the Louis Vuitton business came to be, as luggage began to be replaced with Vuitton's ideas for handbags. Who better to design women's handbags than someone who was an expert in luggage.

    Originally the Noe bags carried 5 bottles of champagne. To Louis Vuitton's surprise the Noe bag was extremely popular, and it wasn't long before wealthy woman began to carry this elegant bag.

    The Damier Canvas design debuted in 1888. In 1896 the monogram design was launched in an effort to counteract the replicas his competitors were marketing. The monogram logo was made of an intersection of the initials LV, finished with a curved beige diamond and 4 point star intes.

    Still today, Louis Vuitton is recognized for its high quality purse. At the factory level, if a purse does not meet the Vuitton standards it is destroyed.

    Louis Vuitton has been in business for an amazing 3 centuries and continues to be fore front in the hand bag industry.


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