Step By Step Making Your Own Spring Fashion Tube Blouse And Matching Thong Sandals



    Spring has come for some of us and will happen soon for others. Hereare some tips for creating a new spring/summer fashion to your wardrobe. Go to your favorite fabric store and purchase a 1/2 yard ( 18" by54 to 60" wide) of stretch fabric.

    This will be enough to make a tube top and cover a pair of thongsandals. If you have three or four pairs, pruce them up by coveringthem up with other different types of print stretch fabrics. Now make the tube tops to match them and you have a newspring and summer look. Take those old flip flops sandals out ofthe closet.

    1. You start by covering the sides with your newfabric (the stretch fabric), you can use a spray adhesive (3MSupper adhesive) you can purchase at a hardware store. Cover the top and bottom part of the sandals so you don't get any adhesive onthose areas.

    Cut a wide strip of fabric that will wrap around the sides of thebody of the sandal and cut away the excess hanging over the top edgeand bottom edge.

    2. Now cut a strip to cover the top part of the thong. Make sure you protect the area where you feet sits onto the sandalby covering the part where your feet rest on the insole. Usebrown paper bag with masking tape. Spray the thong and spray the inside or wrong side of the fabric and press it onto the thong materialpart of the shoe. Have a new sole put on those that need it.

    3. Tube top blouse are very simple to make. Just cut the fabric 3" less than the size of the width of your waist. Example, if your waist is 28 inches cut the fabric 25 inches wide, fold and sew edges together, 1/2 inch on the seam.

    A good stretchy fabric that stretches both direction is what you lookfor in a good stretch fabric. It will fit comfortably onyour bust size as well.

    Enjoy your new fashion. Also suitable for young teens and little girls. For a step by step illustration go to: http://www. deyostudios. comYou'll see swatches of new spring stretch fabrics we sell. We also sell cement adhesive kit with brushes. This cement gives a better andtigher final attachment. It's sold by the ounce (2 1/2 oz). You can also see other creations and designs that may be of interest.



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