Colours of Contact Lenses


    Colours of Contact Lenses - Get Lost in those Purple(?) Eyes

    Nowadays, there are many colours of contact lenses available to suit your every mood.

    If you only want a slight eye color change, then contact lens colours generally fall under two categories: opaque contacts (for darker eyes) and enhancer contacts (for light eyes).

    However, if you want a change that will cause heads to turn your way, go for wild colors that introduce a hint of green, purple or even yellow in your eyes.

    Colored Contact Lenses - Taking the Boredom Out of your Contacts

    A subtle color shading in your lenses can drastically change your appearance.

    So if you want to try something new or are simply bored with the contacts you are wearing now then start looking for the colored pair that suits you.

    Online sites can really be a big help in deciding which colored lens to choose.

    For instance, if you are unsure of the color that would best suit your natural eye color, many contact lens websites have an online eye color palette you can use.

    Simply click the color that closely resembles your natural eye color and a list of colored contact lenses (and how they would look on you) are shown.

    Select the one you like best and simply order online.

    It really can't get any easier than that.

    Colored lenses are also extremely popular during parties.

    If you're having a Halloween or any type of masquerade or costume ball, shock friends by showing up with eye lenses that sport zebra stripes or resemble a cat's eye.

    Indeed, colored lenses have never been this fun!


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