Pull Off a Blazer with These Five Steps


    ? Always wear a blazer with complimentary trousers. They don't have to match completely. Just make it look good. Match colors, and make sure you don't look like a clown.

    ? A denim blazer works in the day time, with a beautiful knitted sweater. Try also an evening look with a strong woven shirt with some plaid highlights.

    ? Tweed and a herringbone can be good options also for a blazer look. Have a look towards the fashion start of the season and find some updated colors in a blazer. Blacks and browns are accented with a navy blue, or other dyes.

    ? Your blazer should be able to be worn during the day and night, and great option is a blue blazer. Blazer's with jeans and a nice worn large belt buckle and a dark t-shirt underneath is for the nightclub, social scene.

    ? Try wearing a solid white oxford weave shirt or pin striped colored, for the more business friendly look, also with jeans. This gives you a professional and social look that most enjoy.

    Most of all feeling comfortable with your blazer is the main thing. This will come with time, if your not already use to the look. Mix and match and get peoples opinions. Enjoy your blazer, and keep learning more about fashion to improve your overall look.


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