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    Fashion is changing. But one thing is should be constant - black. Nothing is boring about the newest fashion in New York and Paris. This is a great tip, which professionals know that make models look brilliant. Black is the basis for two important looks, according to Sally Singer, Vogue's fashion news director. "The interesting thing about black this season is that it's either used as a pop art basic against white, a '60s look that shows the graphic nature of black and white. (Christian) Dior did it well. ... Or, you see a mixing of textures and tones of black. Black velvet, black gauze, black silk or viscose. ... There's varying amounts of light that goes through it to make the black sometimes look gray, blueish or brownish," she says.

    Another reason black is great for fashion, is its mess with fantastic jewelry. Style. com's executive fashion director Candy Pratts Price "You could wear a black beaded necklace on a black cashmere sweater, which will look very '40s, or you could also do it with silver -- the '60s -- or with pearls -- the '50s."

    Black with a white skirt is a great fashion item. You can always spice it up with a beautiful thick, medieval looking belt.

    It's a good time to invest in special black pieces, Vogue's Singer advises, perhaps a Pierre Cardin-inspired pea coat, which would look great against white trousers or blouse, or a pair of jeans.

    One of the pieces Singer already bought for herself is a Loris Azzaro black blazer that's lined in gold lame. "That was the kind of special piece I was looking for," she says, especially since it hits on three trends: black, Russian-inspired details and a shrunken jacket silhouette. (She notes that less expensive versions of these "special" pieces are available at retailers such as J. Crew.)

    The classic ballroom black dress is always an option. However, try spicing them up with the occasional yellow scarf, or shawl. You'll catch the attention of people with accessories that like. Colors that go well with black are almost endless, just go with the current colors of the season. You'll love the boundless options that you'll be able to mix-and-match when it comes to black.

    Men, always own a black pin striped English tailored suit. These are in right now. They are beautiful and gorgeous. I'm not sure of any woman who doesn't love these. ATTENTION: Business professionals. Get this suit, and accessorize with a beautiful modern watch.

    Have a look at some of the great options black has this season. Sleek stylish and sophisticated are black's names. Enjoy it this fashion season, especially when winter blows in.

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