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    There are few trends that last longer than one season. Ugg is one that has been around quite a while. Ugg has become a brand associated with mainly high quality, highly fashionable footwear. Believe it or not, they first got their start in the United States on the west coast where there is little need for winter boots. That is due in part to the fact that Ugg is not just for snow. Completely the opposite, they are for anytime, anywhere, and with any outfit that does them justice! Let's take a look at Ugg Boots here and find out just what they are all about!

    Ugg is a term that is used to talk about several different types of boots. In most cases, we are talking about the trendy boot that is produced by a company called "Ugg Australia." But, these are not the first Ugg's to have come about. If you take a look back to the 1930's, sheepskin style boots were being worn by pilots during World War I. And, you will again find these same Ugg boots arriving on the scene is the 1960's when Australian surfers were wearing them. They would warm their feet in these boots after catching a few waves. Even still, they were worn by many Australian people as a way to keep their feet warm during the winter months and were usually worn indoors.

    But, the Ugg boots that are so popular today are not made in Australia at all. Although they are still the same sheepskin type boot as they were then, the brand "Ugg" is one synonymous with high fashion trends.

    Just what makes Ugg boots so darn good, though? Well, it takes only a second to know just why they are so wonderful. When you slip them on, they are comfortable. But, they are so soft that they are even luxurious. The fluffy inside of these boots offers a very warm and cozy place for your feet! They are also quite cute little boots. Therefore, they are some of the most sought after boots on the market. But, did you know that the term "ugg" actually was used to describe these boots as ugly? It is quite true that "ugg" is a shortened version of the word ugly. But, in this case, they were not referring to those boots made in the United States, but of those sheepskin boots made in Australia years ago! Today's Ugg Boots are anything but ugly!

    Today, you can find many different styles of Ugg. They are produced, as we mentioned, by a company called "Ugg Australia." Its parent company is Deckers Oudoor Corporation. It is a heavily marketed brand that has drawn the attention of all sorts of people including some celebrities! Stars like Paris Hilton and Oprah Winfrey are known to love their Ugg boots! Because of this highly in demand following, these boots and shoes can be purchased just about anywhere. But, consider this before you run off to your nearest mall to purchase them.

    To find the cutest and most wonderful of all Ugg boots and shoes, look for them right online. You will be happy you did simply because you will find a huge selection of them on the web. And, you are likely to find better pricing online as well. No matter which way you look at it, Ugg is a brand that will be in our hearts for years to come. Look for them on the feet of your favorite stars but don't forget to get yourself a pair as well. You will fall in love with their comfort and style within minutes of slipping them on your feet!

    Kim Neal


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