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    "Hail to that foot of the lusty beloved which hits the head of the lover, that foot which is adorned with red paste and jingling anklets is the banner of love and which is worthy of adoration by inclining one's head."

    From the 5th century drama, Padataditakam (Hit by the Foot)The human race can be so immensely creative, so immensely passionate, and this is what makes our lives so immensely rich and at times so immensely difficult, painful.

    The anklet, a romantic foot fetish of great aesthetic value, is a very important part of women's adornment in the Indian culture where the ornamentation of a woman's whole body is an essential aspect of daily life, and has great spiritual and social significance.

    Old Indian paintings, drama and poetry often depict men treasuring the touch of their lover's foot. Women lavish great care and attention on their feet, almost with as much as their face. The tender, delicate and well pampered foot becomes a symbol of affection, sensual desire and plays an important role in love-play.

    Indian poets were inspired to picture the movements of the lover's dance and the jingling of the bells on her anklets as seductive and bewitching. The idea being that the woman has adorned herself seductively in anticipation of a meeting with a secret lover.

    The classical Indian dance also concentrates on the dancer's rhythmic footwork, particularly the elaborately detailed positioning of her feet in relation to the ground. The overall effect is ever so subtle, sensuous & erotic.

    But, I also read about the practical effects of the anklets with foot bells. One is that in some tribes' husbands give their wives these anklets in order to frighten snakes away. Then again, I also read that the husbands give their wives anklets with bells so that they can keep an "ear" on them, should they "dance" out of range!!

    Fadwa Qasem

    fadwa-designer jewerly

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    Fadwa Qasem, Jewerly Designer. My specialty is original chokers. My concept: to paint with beads. Using semi-precious stones, Venetian style hand painted glass beads, beautiful lamp beads, faceted crystals, and other beads specially designed for me, I create one-of-a-kind or limited edition jewelry pieces.

    After spending considerable time studying beads and their fascinating history, I discovered that the glass beads have a background no less auspicious than that of diamonds, pearls, and semi-precious stones. Each bead is a miniature container holding the secrets of the culture that made it, traded it, and wore it.

    I have a degree in English Literature, and spent a great deal of time and effort on learning and researching jewelry and beads.

    I have participated in many exhibitions in Canada, the UK, Jordan and Dubai (UAE).


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