Sparkle and Shimmer With This Seasons Metallic Fabrics


    The fashion world is buzzing this year as metallic fabric takes the heat up a notch. No longer are we confined to gold, silver, and bronze.

    There are some new kids on the block - lavenders, greens, and pinks to name just a few. These metallic fabrics will go the distance - a light weight metallic jacket over white dinner dress will be outstanding.

    Or dress up a pair of dark denim jeans. If a metallic wardrobe choice is not what your looking for, don't fret, metallic is available in handbags, belts and in shoes - the stilettos are exceptionally sexy!

    Metallic is perfect at any age. It's a soft flowing fabric so its complimentary to women of all ages. These fabrics are glamorous and quite simply irrisistable.

    Dress up a pair of jeans or casual look, or add a classic finish to your evening wear. No matter your age there is a something for you.

    If your in your 20s or 30s indulge yourself because you can carry glamour to the max! That said don't over do it.

    If your in your 40s go with a matte shine metallic fabric. The matte finishes are perfect as they don't draw attention to those trouble spots we all develop.

    50s or older try metallic brocades, matte finishes in smaller doses like a pair of flats. Don't overdo it or you'll look like a show gal instead of a classy gal.

    So have some fun with this seasons new and improved color palette for the metallic fabrics. There is something for everyone. Add a little dazzle to your day!


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